About Us



 NCHEA Corporation is a non-profit professional association.  It shall be  non-union in its organization and activities.  The primary focus of the  association will be to promote education for healthcare engineers on a  variety of subjects as they relate to the healthcare engineering field.  Frequent meetings, conferences, and seminars will be held to facilitate  the delivery of this education.  


Organized in 1952, the North Carolina Hospital Engineers Association (NCHEA), is a not-for-profit, incorporated association dedicated to serving and promoting the healthcare engineering profession. Our vision is to be the leader in providing extended technical and management professional growth for our members through building relationships among Facility Managers and Engineers in the State of North Carolina and establishing contact with manufacturers and distributors of healthcare services to better qualify ourselves for managing the environment.

The Association is an affiliated chapter of the American Society for Healthcare     Engineering of the American Hospital Association. The Membership consist of healthcare facility managers, as well as, vendors, architects and engineers who have expertise or specific interest in healthcare.

NCHEA is very proactive and innovative in offering high quality, economically reasonable programs and benefits that are valuable to its members. Resources are efficiently and effectively devoted to technical and regulatory educational programs, self-development and professional growth instruction, and building relationships with suppliers that are experts in the field and offer state of the art technology.

Clearly, healthcare is changing daily and we must accept the challenges each day brings. As we continue the transition and overcome the opportunities brought to us by the     new millennium, the Association will continue to dedicate itself to meeting the needs of its members by advancing the field of healthcare facilities management, promoting the     purposes of the state and national organizations, and maintaining an efficient and effective organization.

This organization is characterized by a long-standing reputation for quality and professionalism. All facility professionals can use the Association to reach new levels of  achievement in their profession.

Benefits to the Organization

  • Increase your efficiency and productivity by keeping your staff aware of best care practices.
  • Identify your organization's strengths and weaknesses through benchmarking collaboratives that compares your company against other providers.
  • Reduce liability risks by keeping staff informed of important issues and pending legislation that impacts the environment of care.
  • Learn about new, cost-effective products and services for meeting your company's diverse needs.

Benefits to the Individual

  • Broaden your skills and knowledge of areas related to facilities management.
  • Network with peers across North Carolina and throughout the nation.
  • Obtain recognition for Professional Excellence through state and national  Certifications.
  • Engage in leadership development opportunities.
  • Obtain valuable experience and information on the impact, demands and effects of new         projects and methods of doing business.